Monday, March 18, 2019

Yes, I'm Wading Into This

Sorry, but nothing is funny today. I'll be far more restrained than I feel, though.

Please read this: White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots. Hate: it's always been one of our biggest exports.

After a terrible, terrible tragedy in New Zealand, it's incredibly important to remember the kind of framing and language that white nationalists use, because when people use that language, and those terms and phrases, they are weaponizing people.

If a person is weaponized, and can obtain weapons of war, that's what they will do: wage war.

So when a politician uses the phrase "invasion" to describe immigration (yes, our "President" uses this all the time), it's not just racist. It's straight from the white nationalist playbook, and it's language that is extremely dangerous, because it's describing a regulated process as an act of war, and stupid, unthinking people will respond to declarations of imaginary war with real war.

Pay attention. Listen to how these people talk. And vote them into oblivion. Because if you don't, this is going to happen again and again and again.

It will never stop, unless you help stop it.

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