Tuesday, October 08, 2019

At The Game

It was Parent's Weekend, so we did the only reasonable thing: ignored all the presentations and just went to the football game.

It's hard to convey in a photograph how large this stadium feels. It seats over 110,000 people. Right now, that's the second largest sports stadium in the world (there's a stadium in North Korea that seats 115,00 people, at least until they get executed). In ancient times, the Circus Maximus had a capacity of 150,000, and more recently, I believe there was a soccer stadium in Mexico that was 200,000+.

We were in row 91 (of 100 rows), and incredibly, I could still see very well. I wasn't expecting such a good view, which allowed me to very clearly see the most boring game in the history of football. 10-3, and it wasn't as exciting as the score.

The pageantry, though, was fantastic and highly enjoyable, and so was the crowd. Nobody blind drunk, no fights, only the obligatory Head Coach In Row 91 offering near-constant advice in the row above us. Oh, wait, that would mean he was the obligatory Head Coach In Row 92, actually.

Here's a very Michigan thing that happened.

The bathrooms were packed at halftime, at course, and when I finally made it through the line and was on my way out, two guys were trying to sneak in via the exit door (which was separated from the entrance). A guy behind me put his hand out and said, "This isn't an entrance. Stop trying to cut and go get in line," and because this is Michigan, they did. Not one word of argument.

If it wasn't for the hellspawn of weather, this would be an ideal place to live.

The other very Michigan thing was that leaving was remarkably orderly, like a murmuration of starlings. No one was trying to break ranks and race through, and there were lots of people apologizing if they bumped into you.

All in all, a very nice day, and we had dinner with Eli 18.2 afterwards.

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