Thursday, November 21, 2019

You Just Thought I Was Done

From an e-mailer who wishes to remain anonymous:
Believe it or not, I have a story relevant to this topic.

When he was a young man, my grandfather on my father’s side was drafted into the military. Thinking about the times, I suppose this must’ve been for Korea. So, my grandfather was a mean old cuss, so I’m told, and he was rightly pissed at being drafted. Nonetheless, the shows up to his first day, and as part of that, you’ve gotta get your hair cut. Well my grandfather had a large mole on his head, and as he sat down to get his buzzcut, he said to the barber, “now you listen to me, I’ve got a mole in back of my head, so mind your clippers or I’ll knock you on your ass.” As the story goes, the barber doesn’t pay one bit of attention to this and saws right through that mole with the clippers. My grandfather jumps up roaring like a madman and slugs that barber in the jaw before trying to beat the living hell out of him. And so it was that my grandfather was drafted into the army, showed up for one day, punched an army barber in the mouth, and then spent the rest of the war in Leavenworth.

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