Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Grand Campaign

The advanced version of Fortune and Glory is wildly fun.

As we were playing yesterday, I said that we should design a board game together, and Eli 18.9 said, "I'm way ahead of you." So he's on board.

As a start, we're going to create a grand campaign for Hnefatafl.

Hnefatafl is a fantastic strategy game. Not evenly matched like chess, but a bloody struggle where you're either the King and his men, trying to break out from the center of the board, or you're the dark invaders, trying to contain and capture the troops and surround the King.

A castle siege, basically.

It's not as diverse as chess, because there are only two types of pieces, and the movement rules for every piece are the same, but it's still fascinating.

What it lacks, though, is a sense of something larger going on.

Here's what we decided to do. I'm going to use Inkarnate and create a detailed country map. Here's an example from Inkarnate's gallery page:

That is one sexy map. 

Castles are going to be strung along the border, and the matches will be a series of castle raids. The difference will be that the results will affect the number of troops going forward, so every single piece in every single match matters. Eventually, one of us will capture the other's country. 

When we get this done, I'll make a PDF of the rule set (Eli will type it all up and add images, because he's incredibly detailed about things like that) and share it with you guys. Hopefully, it will be a nice way to spend time during The Endless Days of Plague.

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