Wednesday, September 23, 2020


I'm not writing about games much because I'm not playing them much. 

Trying to finish the book is like wrestling a whale. When I'm not actively working on it, I'm still thinking about it. So my gaming time is pretty minimal right now. 

However, I did find something interesting today: DemonCrawl.

It's a combination of Minesweeper and and a rogue-like, and it's relaxing while it engages your brain in interesting ways. 

There are a number of different game modes (including daily challenges) and 600+ items to discover, and it's one of those games where the developer supports it with a ton of patches and improvements on a very regular basis. 

Basically, you're trying to clear game boards by marking off spaces with monsters, and if you're wrong, you take damage. If your health goes to zero, you're done and have to start the run over (which can consist of 10+ stages). However, there are various items to restore health, etc., so there's more strategy involved than a straight Minesweeper game.  

Pixel graphics warning, if that bothers you.  

It's $14.99, which is undeniably pricey for a game of this type in the current market, but like I said, the developer has added a remarkable amount of content post-release and is still adding things almost a year after release. 

It's a nice way to spend some time while you're also thinking about why that paragraph you've rewritten seven time still doesn't sound right. As an example.

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