Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Grinder

Eli 19.1 and I are both grinders. It's a big part of how we perceive ourselves. 

Actually, I should clarify. Eli taught me to be a grinder, because even as I was trying to set examples for him, he was setting examples for me.  

It goes back further in the family tree than us, though. 

Mom 90.6 has been a grinder for as long as I can remember. It comes with growing up in the Depression and WWII and having a husband abandon you with two children that you have to support. 

She was setting examples for me all along, but I was too dumb to notice, at least for a long time. 

She's still doing it, too. 

Her hip was replaced in March, which went incredibly well after a medication issue for the first ten days, and now she's active again. She told me yesterday that she's walking a mile a day. 

Inside her house. 

This is a small house, mind you. Maybe 900 square feet. 

How on earth do you walk a mile a day in a 900 sq. foot house? Well, if you're watching t.v., you get up and walk during every commercial break. If you're reading a book, you get up at the end of every chapter and walk. The longest path in the house is from the bedroom to the kitchen, and that's what she walks. Over and over again. 

Every day. 

Two grinders salute the Master Grinder.

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