Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Old World and the Spartans

Old World is in Early Access now. On the Epic store.

The game is made by Soren Johnson, who makes wonderful games, and even though in Early Access, it's remarkably polished and fully-featured. This description doesn't do it justice, but if you put Crusader Kings and Civilization in a blender, and added a ton of other cool stuff, you'd have Old World.

I'm a few weeks (months) behind on the Gamers With Jobs podcast, but Soren (and his wife, who is an important contributor to the game) were on in early May and had an amazing segment about the game. 

It's here: Episode 708. The Old World segment starts at 34:00. And it will make you want to play the game straightaway.

Soren's wife told a story that she heard on a history podcast (they're both huge history nerds), and it was one of the most incredible stories I've ever heard. 

Philip II was a Macedonian King who conquered much of Greece in the Third Sacred War. He destroyed much of what he conquered. Then he sent a message to Sparta that they should submit while they still could, because if he conquered them, he would burn their lands, rape their women, and make them slaves. 

Sparta sent back a one-word response: IF.

Philip never attacked Sparta.

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