Thursday, September 02, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a shattering, stunning article: Finding a Way Back From Suicide

The inventor of the telescope: A Telescope Chronology

From Jonathon W., and it's is a fascinating read: Pinball is reviving a small Illinois town

From Dan Fitch, and it's amazing: Cristal Baschet (an instrument that needs to be wet).

From Wally, and whatever you're expecting, this isn't it (NSFW due to language): Poor planning of truck route. Yeah, that's not going to work out, punters: This bizarre CPU vending machine in Japan is a real silicon lottery. This is classic McSweeney's: H.P. Lovecraft Writes Olive Garden's Dinner Menu. These are very clever: Artist Imagines What It Looks Like Behind The Scenes Of Disney Movies

An avalanche of excellent links from C. Lee this week. First, and even I don't think this will work, it's I Don’t Think This Is What People Meant by ‘Three Square Meals a Day’. One of my favorite deep dives ever: What’s wrong with medieval pigs in videogames? Another pig link and it's a great read: The taming of the pig took some wild turns. This would be remarkable: Graphene veils may hold the secret to conserving priceless works of art. An excellent bit of hardware history: Why Lying About Storage Products Is Bad: An IBM DeskStar Story. This is short, but it's a great story: When Raymond Chandler Went to Work for Billy Wilder. A fantastic read: The Uniform Cool of Charlie Watts

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