Wednesday, June 22, 2005

PSP Production

Sony told suppliers yesterday that they expected to manufacture 12 million PSP's in the next year instead of the 18 million originally projected.

That's a pretty big screw-up.

Here's what baffles me: how in the world could a company with a track record in gaming like Sony wind up such a huge dry spell in PSP titles? Every day over at The Magic Box
( I see screenshots of upcoming PSP titles that are absolutely first-rate--but none of them are ready. The system will survive, but there's no question that this is an embarrassment, and a significant one.

In the U.S., if you want to buy a PSP and don't want to play titles you've already played several times on other consoles, all you can use the system for is to watch movies. That's why I don't have one yet, even though I think it's an amazing piece of hardware.

So if you think Sony is a lock with the upcoming PS3, consider their execution with the PSP. It's been dismal.

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