Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sprout (1989-2005)

She was an overweight calico cat, grouchy as hell. She hated all other animals and quite a few people. She woke me up a million times, bit me at least thirty, and was a gigantic pain the ass. I miss her.

When I first met Gloria, Sprout was still a young cat. One weekend when Gloria was out of town, I stayed at the house to keep Sprout company. She was a suspicious cat before she became a grouchy one, and she stayed well out of my way. That night, I went to sleep and woke up to a little furry stove on my chest. She was willing to like me as long as I wasn’t looking. That’s the single moment I’ve always most remembered about her.

We had to tell Eli yesterday that Sprout was going to be put down this morning. Sprout was never very nice to him, but he still cared for her and knew she was part of our family. We explained everything as best we could, he asked a few questions, and then he said “I’m so sad that I can’t walk.” Poor little man. A few minutes later, Sprout was outside sitting on the sidewalk, and we all went out there together. He petted her for a little while, then said “Sprout, I’m very sorry, but tomorrow you’re going to be gone forever.” He said it in such a kind and sincere way, in the way that all little children can break your heart.

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