Tuesday, September 14, 2021


I was walking into CVS yesterday and a guy walked out. 

Middle-aged guy. Not tall, not short, not fat, not thin. Physically, he was entirely unremarkable.

This guy had on a t-shirt, though. It was old style, like something out of the 70s. A small graphic of a truck, and underneath: "Matt's Off-road Recovery."

Which, if you think about it, is a gigantic flex. 

I'm guessing it's not recovering people from ditches beside highways. Off-road recovery actually sounds really interesting, and I bet the guy has some wild stories to tell. But instead of a gigantic truck graphic and big capital letters, the shirt was so quiet you had to look close to even be able to read it.

Which is what made it so cool. 

It would be like a guy having a t-shirt with a modest graphic of a cobra and "Johnson Snake Charmers" in little letters underneath it. 


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