Thursday, June 06, 2024

Friday Links!

What a week!

From David Gloier, and it's so true: Oh, whatever, everything is totally great for writers right now

From Wally, and it's a man behaving badly story: Spector Creative Toy Controversy. This is both quite long and an excellent read: Middle Finger To the Sky: The Worst Ronin by Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Faith Schaffer

From C. Lee, and it's an excellent look at the difficulties in training AI using the Internet: 17 cringe-worthy Google AI answers demonstrate the problem with training on the entire web. This is a fantastic read: Pluralistic: You were promised a jetpack by liars. Not surprising: Former OpenAI Board Member Says Sam Altman Created a Culture of ‘Psychological Abuse'. Very true: We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem. This is tremendous: The obscure federal intelligence bureau that got Vietnam, Iraq, and Ukraine right. This is infuriating: The Samsung right-to-repair story just got worse. How not to get screwed: GamersNexus Warranty Response Kit. American Airlines is cornering the market on worst customer service, even though it has stiff competition: American Airlines Sued For Kicking 8 Black Men Off Flight Over 'Body Odor'. NK with the futuristic warfare tactics: Poop-Filled North Korean Balloons Descend On The South Stoking Fears Of Deadlier Payloadsons-descend-on-the-south-stoking-fears-of-deadlier-payloads. This is interesting and well-presented: Visualizing Daily Protein Sources by Region. These photos are wonderful: Lee Chapman’s Quietly Profound Photos of Tokyo Life. And these: Lee Chapman Instagram.

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