Monday, August 30, 2004

ESPN 2K5: Final Sliders

I made a few final changes based on some additional testing I've done. These are not changing. They're final. To give you an idea of difficulty, these are rated at 1.73 (you can see this in the crib tally option at the end of the game--difficulty rating is at the bottom, I think), which is right around Legend level. They're actually harder than Legend except for the pursuit rating, which is lowered to neutral for the CPU defense instead of giving them a giant speed cheat.

These settings are part of a package that includes the house rules for Franchise mode. Together, they make the game extremely challenging. Franchise house rules are in the post just above this one, along with an explanation of how they reinforce the slider settings.

Here are the settings. First value is Human setting, second value is CPU setting:
Blocking: 16,40
Passing: 0,40
Running: 16,40
Catching: 40,40
Pursuit: 4,10
Tackling: 0,8
Kicking: 0,40
Fatigue: 4,4
Injury: 20
Fumbles: 28
Interceptions: 0

Penalties--all at max except the following:
Offensive holding: 32
Clipping: 24
Roughing the Kicker: 32
Ineligible Receiver Downfield: 32

In the Gameplan option during the game, you can set substitution in/out thresholds. Using out 60%, in 85% provides with a good substitution pattern in conjunction with the fatigue settings.

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