Monday, August 30, 2004

Maalox Online

A Dubious Quality reader self-described as 'an anonymous attendee' sent this report about Matrix Online from PAX, Penny Arcade's gaming expo held last weekend:

Sweet Jesus, does this game suck.

Not only did the game look more drab than a fatigue-colored tablecloth, but the "music" and sound effects were actually painful. And not just because it was loud or because it was a beta--it just sounded horrible and there is no way that any of the combinations of notes I heard could be defined as neither music nor special effects. It was just noise. Annoying noise.

No matter when I went by and no matter who gave me the little rundown of the game, I always saw the same scene. Rooftop fighting. Over and over it was rooftop fighting and no matter when I looked, it still looked as utterly boring as the last time. A friend with me, who has over 23 DAYS logged on the WOW beta couldn't believe how absolutely wretched the game looked and sounded. The sound was perhaps the most grievous offense since, if nothing else, you expect at least good fighting music from a Matrix game.

This could go down as one of the biggest examples of a game that should never see the light of day there was. And then to think about the good games that occasionally lose publisher support and fall by the wayside--what a shame.

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