Thursday, October 14, 2004

Half-Life 2 Update Part 2

The same source that told me RC5 was recently submitted to Vivendi for testing just e-mailed me this:
Sierra should announce Half-Life 2 is gold tomorrow along with a release date. If not tomorrow then very soon, the game is done.

I trust this source--if I didn't, I wouldn't have posted his original e-mail. I don't have a second source that I can verify this information with, but I'm not Bob Woodward and this isn't the Washington Post. It's a blog, and those of you who read it regularly are counted among my friends. So this information is for you. I know that you won't freak out if it takes a few days to happen.

[UPDATE: Sierra is obviously not publishing this game (although they were originally)--it's Vivendi. I assume that's what he intended to say. I'm not going in and changing Sierra to Vivendi because I don't want to be altering what was sent to me, so I'm just including this note instead.]

The first post got linked all over the place and it turned into a Donner Party computer gaming frenzy. So before you new people get all hysterical on me, what I know is in this post. I'm not telling you who the anonymous source is via private e-mail. If I tell you, he won't be a source anymore. That's why I have sources--I don't rat them out.

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