Friday, September 30, 2005

Launch Your Own Satellite

I'm late with this item, but I saw a post on Engadget last week that caught me eye, and here's why:
In fact, if you’ve got about $80,000, you can build and launch a satellite, thanks to the CubeSat program from Stanford and California Polytechnic.

That just astounded me. Here's more.

The CubeSat, which its developer calls the Apple II of space exploration, is a two-pound cube that can be built for about $40,000 and launched into low-earth orbit for another $40K.

There you go. That's about the best example of how different our world is than ever before that I've ever seen. Eli 4.1's high school science class could be launching their own satellite for $5,000.

Sure, that's expensive for a high school class, but it's a magnate school.

Yes, I was going to say "magnet" school as a pun, but half of you would have e-mailed me and the other half would have passed out from the pain.

Here's the link (if you click on the CNET link inside the article, you'll also get a picture):

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