Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eli 4.10

Well, he's back at it--being a four-year old, that is. Here are two Eli 4.10 stories from yesterday.
--Gloria took Eli to Blockbuster to rent some videos. As they were walking across the parking lot toward the store, Eli put his hand down his shorts. He's just walking along in the parking lot, hand down his shorts, and Gloria asks "Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

Eli says "I'm pointing my penis down--a little PRIVACY HERE!"

--We were all watching an episode of Kim Possible last night, and Eli says he needs to go to the bathroom. I pause the episode and he runs off.

We wait.

Five minutes later, we hear the bathroom door open and look over. Eli is standing there with his shirt on and nothing else. "Guys, sorry for taking so long, but I've really got to poop A LOT," he says. Then he closes the bathroom door again. About thirty seconds later, after he flushes the toilet, I can hear him saying "Die! Die! Arggghh!"

As, I presume, his evil nemesis swirls to a watery death.

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