Friday, October 13, 2006

The Deadly Frog Woman of the Lost Rainforest

That's going to have to be Jack Thompson's nickname. Let's make it official.

In case you missed it, Kotaku has the full text of an epic blast that carnival barker Thompson sent to Judge Ronald Friedman after Friedman ruled against Thompson today.

And when I say epic, I mean epic. It's like reading the innermost thoughts of the guy who lives in the abandoned trailer park and talks to himself as he shambles down the sidewalk. Here's his opening paragraph:
Now that you have consigned innumerable children to skull fractures, eye injuries from slingshots, and beatings with baseball bats, without a hearing as to the danger, let me tell you a few things, with all respect for your office and with no respect for the arbitrary way in which you handled this matter.

That is classic stuff. Can we beg Matt Stone and Trey Parker to make a South Park episode about this guy?

You can read the full text of Thompson's rambling incoherence here.

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