Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, What A Feeling

I was riding laps around a local high school track last week, and I saw a lady walk onto the track and start running. She was running very slowly, so I caught up to her, and as I neared I saw a fully-realized flashback to the 1980s.

Headband: check.
Flashdance-style torn shirt over one shoulder: check
Jennifer Beals 1983 hairstyle: check.
Leotard: check.
Discman CD player: check.

The Discman was what put it over the top. It looked like a refrigerator compared to the MP3 players people carry today, but I remember when portable CD players were the hottest thing going.

When I bought my first Discman, the CD I bought with it was "Tunnel Of Love" [EDIT: Of course, this is the album "Making Movies", not "Tunnel of Love," which is just a great song] by Dire Straits (one of my favorite rock albums ever). When I put on headphones and started the disc, the sound was so crystal clear that I was stunned. In a technology sense, it was every bit as impressive as the first time I saw a plasma television displaying 480P.

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