Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Links!

Leading off, from Ryan Malinowsky, links to the story of Connor's Day, a car show organized by the father of a terminally ill 11-year-old boy. It was modest effort, at first. Then this:
Dad’s Wish To Give His Sick Son A Car Show Goes Viral Overnight
Internet Pulls Together 1,200 Cars For Terminally Ill Boy

Eleven. That hits hard.

From Steven Davis, and this is both outstanding and entirely wrong: Old Spice Muscle Music Player. Also, and this is quite amazing, it's 3D video animation clearly shows the workings of the Antikythera Mechanism.

From Jim, an interesting bit of science trivia: Which song was requested by Carl Sagan but not included on the Voyager records? By the way, here's the list of what did make it: Music From Earth.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, and this is spectacular: Dawn Spacecraft's Farewell Portrait of Giant Asteroid Vesta.

From Donny Plumley, and this is damned impressive: Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and this is just amazing: This Is the Most Astonishing Solar Eruption I’ve Ever Seen. Oh, and if you're thinking "I wish there was a video of that", then we've got you covered: This solar eruption video will straight up melt your face it’s so awesome. Also, and this is quite amusing: 8 Ways That Judges Have Cited Star Trek From the Bench. One more, and it's fantastic: Eight Amazing Paralympics Moments You've Probably Missed.

From Jonathan Arnold, and these photos are stunning: The magical photos that show brave men who felled California redwoods by HAND. One more, and it's my favorite link this week--a guy who pretended to be a celebrity and became one: Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City .

From Griffin Cheng, and this is entirely fantastic: Lemon sharks 'learn' skills by watching each other. Also, and this is an utterly fascinating article, it's Marathon Man: A Michigan dentist’s improbable transformation. The transformation apparently consists of cheating the computerized timing systems, which is why it's so interesting.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is one of the craziest things I have ever seen: The Fish With the Transparent Head. Also, and these photos are amazing, it's Skateboarding in Kabul. One more, and it's simply brilliant: Matthew Albanese: Strange Worlds.

From Frank Regan, and these are simply amazing: Amazing Animated Optical Illusions! #5.

A more recent space link, sent in by Michael O'Reilly: Behold, the Toothbrush That Just Saved the International Space Station.

From J.R. Parnell, and this is another reason why Google is one of my favorite companies in the world: How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything.

I believe, for this one moment, it's entirely fair to fear the future: Modern medicine: Lab-grown genitals, spray-on skin.

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