Wednesday, September 02, 2015

NBA2K: It's A Miracle

I've never been able to play NBA2K for long.

It does many things very, very well, but players slide across the court in so many animations that visually, it just looks like gibberish to me.

I don't care if the cheerleader boobs bounce realistically, or if the player tats are raised off the skin within 1/128 inch of the real tattoos. Could guys just run around on the damn court without looking like they're at an ice rink?

Today, I saw this: Improvements to gameplay for NBA 2K16. In the video they discuss a new foot-planting "system", and in all the gameplay footage I saw, it looked fantastic.

No sliding.

After a decade+, it's a miracle! Now if we could just get rid of all the Madden code from the 1990s and before...

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