Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Sickening

We were leaving for Shrevepit on Sunday, the 20th.

Back home by the 23rd, with most of the holiday break in front of us, and the dreaded obligatory trip behind us.

Then DQ Reader My Wife got sick.

Gloria never gets sick. Ever. Just doesn't happen.

This time, though, it did happen. Bad, bad, stomach bug.

We went into plague control, because one look at her and you could tell she was so sick that you wanted to put on a Hazmat suit.

I moved all my toiletries into the study and started sleeping on to the couch. Started using Eli's bathroom. Didn't touch any surfaces. Didn't get within five feet of Gloria.

Seriously, this stuff was BAD.

Four days later, she's finally better, and Eli and I appear to have avoided the the plague.

Have to go to Shreveport after Christmas, though. That's almost as bad.

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