Thursday, August 09, 2018

Olympics, Delayed

We sat in silence in the emergency room for a few minutes.

"Victimized," I said. Gloria burst out laughing.

I was referring to this:

That's what your finger looks like after your boy's girlfriend accidentally slams her car door on your finger while you're pumping up her nearly flat tire.

So the Head-to-Head Olympics will be delayed 4-8 weeks while a broken finger heels, along with a deep cut that bled for a long time. 

The worst part? The way this worked out, and where my finger was positioned, I couldn't open the door myself and had to shout at her to open the door. Which took at least five seconds, because the whole situation made her freeze. 

It was a long five seconds.

Eli 17.0, as usual, had the right thing to say. "Don't worry about the Olympics," he said. "Just more time to build up the hype."

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