Monday, November 25, 2019

Costume Count 2019! (part two)

The best costume I saw on Halloween was a tiny person wearing a chick suit. The suit was brilliant white fluff, like a big circle, and she had a little beak on her face, along with huge chicken feet. She was also a little unsteady in the wind, which made her even more adorable.

She got plenty of candy.

She was also, incredibly, the first trick-or-treater I saw.

Second best: three middle school girls who came as the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Very, very clever.

One thing that stood out this year: costume variety. Out of 69 trick-or-treaters, there were no costumes worn by more than two kids, and that's never happened before. Some of you reported the same variety as well.

Here's my top ten (eleven) list of the most interesting costumes, based on your reports:
Avocado (that's a very funny idea)
BatMum (exactly what it sounds like--a mum dressed as Batman)
Bob Ross (seriously, I want to see every six-year-old dressed like Bob Ross for Halloween)
Crazy Cat Lady (that's next level)
Dark Cheerleader (a quality twist)
Egg Beater Jesus (a classic, go here)
Female Plausible Batman Villain (the description of the year)
Hansel (from Zoolander)
Rainbow Poop Emoji
VSCO Girl (very clever)
Zombie Little Red Riding Hood (I love the classics)

I think the top three has to be Bob Ross, Egg Beater Jesus, and Female Plausible Batman Villain. No way to pick a winner out of that quality group.

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