Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, a brilliantly written article: The Confessions of Marcus Hutchins, the Hacker Who Saved the Internet. Wait, this also deserves to to lead, and it's heartbreaking (from C. Lee): This is a fantastic article! The Devastating Decline of a Brilliant Young Coder.

This is a quite the story: FC Seoul hit with record fine for placing sex dolls in the stands.

From Wally, and this is incredibly detailed: The Granicus: Alexander's Conquest of Persia. This is an excellent read: Superheroes are scrapping their secret identities, and it’s for the best. This is an incredible run: The Mountain Biker Who Won Without A Chain. These pictures are just astonishing: The Most Beautiful Flower Garden In The World Has No Visitors For The First Time In 71 Years And I Got To Capture It.

From Daniel Willhite, and it's wildly entertaining: This Word Does Not Exist.

From C. Lee, and people are so strange: During the Renaissance, Drinking Wine Was a Fight Against Physics. This is terrific: The Thonet Chair: How the humblest of chair designs became the hardest-working furniture in film. What a relief: Why Microsoft Word Now Considers Two Spaces After a Period an Error.

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