Monday, May 25, 2020

The Ultimate Contest

Eli 18.9 never saw Shaq in his prime.

Shaquille O'Neal was the most physically dominating player I've ever seen. If he wasn't the strongest player in history (maybe Wilt Chamberlain), he was a close second.

I've talked to Eli about Shaq and his place in history, but I can never explain how totally dominating he was.

Recently, though, the lack of live sports has done my work for me. There are plenty of Shaq moments in viral distribution now, including a few where he absolutely terrorized defenders on overwhelmingly powerful dunks.

Today, we had a text exchange (started by him).
How many Shaqs in his prime would it take to beat 
a silverback gorilla?

                                             I think the over/under on that is three. 
                                             Not sure which side I'd take.

A silverback can deadlift up to 1800 pounds. 
It would take at LEAST seven Shaqs for me to 
take him in a fight. I would rather fight an 
armed Shaq  than a silverback.

                                           Shaq could bench press 475, which translates 
                                           roughly to about 800 deadlift. The problem 
                                           for Shaq is the natural athlete factor with the 
                                           silverback. I would pay to watch  this encounter. 

I think if you put five Shaqs in a ring with one 
silverback and put it on tv it would be the most 
watched event in television history. 

                                           Okay, after some research, I'm taking the over.
                                           Wrestling is the gorilla's favorite way to play.
                                           Not good for Shaq.


Just another normal day, for us. And on a side note, I still say that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest athlete of all time.

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