Thursday, September 24, 2020


After hitting golf balls with one hand for six weeks, I actually hit six balls with both hands on Monday. 

My left wrist still isn't healed, but it's much better. 

The difficult thing with this injury is that I'm not sure when to start strengthening exercises. It's some kind of tendonitis, or possibly a torn tendon, or maybe something has burrowed into my wrist and is currently living there, waiting to breed.

The good news is that after six weeks of one-handed swing drills (not fun), I now have a draw swing 100% of the time. That's a fast swing makeover. 

So I now have a 5-gallon bucket and 15 lbs. of rice in the bucket, and I'm trying to build hand strength so that this doesn't happen again.

I walked into the kitchen with an important question. 

"Okay, I'm strengthening my hands by putting them in a bucket filled with rice. But I have a conceptual question."

Gloria was finishing up preparations for Taco Tuesday. "What's your question?"

"Well, I have fifteen pounds of rice. In a bucket. And I'm using it to work on my hand strength." I paused. "But what happens if I need rice for dinner or something and I'm out?"

"No," Gloria said. 

"I always wash my hands before I put them in the rice."


"And I'm boiling the rice."

"Absolutely not."

"Literally boiling it."

"Never, never do this."

"All right," I said. "We'll talk about this later."

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