Thursday, October 15, 2020

It's Funny How Things Work Out

Ironically, if Eli 19.2 was still playing hockey, I'd be feeling sick. 


If he was still playing junior hockey (a strong possibility, because very few players play D1 before they're twenty), he'd be facing the likelihood of his entire season being cancelled. I can't imagine how much that would hurt, especially after delaying college so that he would be more likely to play in D1.

If he was in college, he'd be hearing today that the NCAA granted an extra year of eligibility for all winter sport athletes. 

With only three goalies a team, an extra year of eligibility disproportionately impacts the goalie position. 

There would be some incredibly difficult situations to make, probably with very incomplete information. 

When he quit hockey, it was painful. If he hadn't quit, though, he'd most likely have nothing right now. 

Instead, he's on track to graduate at twenty-one with a double major of Public Policy and Spanish and a minor in writing. He's also assisting in the research and drafting of important legislation during his legislative internship. 

He's still in monster physical condition thanks to rock climbing, and he's a three-handicap golfer after only playing for two years. So he still gets to compete, but his future doesn't depend on it. It's hard for your future to be so dependent on such a small number of coaches in a byzantine system. It wears you down. 

Even in a pandemic, somehow everything has worked in his favor. 

It's funny, but things working out for him makes it easier when things don't work out for me. His happiness creates a kind of natural buoyancy that lifts me up, too. 

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