Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Science Links

Here are some very cool links that you guys submitted. As always, thanks for your vigilance on the dinosaur front--I show all of these to Eli 4.10.

First, from Sirius, a link to an article about the discovery of a species of dwarf dinosaurs. They belong to the family Sauropoda (which includes Brachiosaurus and Argentinasaurus), but in no way were they giants:
The skeletons of the newfound dinosaur, Europasaurus holgeri, indicate that the beast was bigger than a horse, ranging from about 5 to 20 feet long from head to tail. It was slightly taller than an adult human [see drawing] and its entire body wasn't even as long as the elongated neck of another sauropod, Erketu ellisoni.

Very interesting, and here's the link.

Next, another dinosaur link, this one from Francis Cermak:
CHICAGO -- This handout photo released by the University of Chicago shows a model of a newly discovered species, Tiktaalik roseae, with a crocodile-like head that apparently moved on land like a seal, an important discovery for understanding how fish evolved into land animals with four limbs and a backbone.

That's the entire story, and here's a link to a photo.

Finally, one of the most amazing space images you'll ever see--a high-res, true color image of the surface of Mars. It's breathtaking, and here's the link (thanks David Gloier).

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