Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Concussion: Out Eight Weeks

I'm playing a playoff game in ESPN NFL2K5 when Gloria walks in. I play with headphones on, so when she sits down I'm obligated to take them off, which I do. Since she's entered the study and not a common area, though, I have the option to continue playing, which I do, since I have a good lead and am just trying to run the clock out.

My only concern is that my stud halfback was taken off the field with an injury a few plays ago.

Gloria starts talking about preschools. [Note to fathers of children under the age of one: over half of the next two years will be spent in conversations about preschools. I can do nothing to help you. I'm sorry.] It's another two-day a week program that we might be able to get Eli 3.0 into, with a few potential issues like gypsies and work camps. Standard stuff.

So Gloria is talking and I see my stud halfback on the sideline, being examined. That means there's going to be a voiceover from ESPN sideline reporter Suzy Kolber. I hurriedly pick up my headphones and say "Hang on. I've got to hear this injury report."

She didn't kill me, although I might be forced to go on injured reserve.

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