Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Evil Genius Demo

A demo for Evil Genius is available at all the usual places.

I've been looking forward to this game. As an evil genius in training, I can think of nothing better than a simulator to hone my skills.

If I didn't know who had developed this game, and could pick any developer from the past or present as a guess, I would have said Bullfrog, and quickly. It's an amalgamation of the kind of humor and play mechanics found in Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital, and that's good. The game is campy, as it should be, and the graphics are cartoon-like and brightly colored in just the right way.

I don't know if the game will have staying power, but as far as taking the basic concept and not screwing it up, Elixir Studios has done a good job.

Now here's the funky part. The only other game I could find for Elixir in the Moby Games database was Republic: The Revolution. I can't think of two games more unlike each other than these two.

Shipping 9/28. Start recruiting minions now.

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