Thursday, September 02, 2004

More on Evil Genius and Bullfrog

Thanks to Brian Pilnick, Dean Krelic, and Keith Ganey who all wrote in to note that the founder of Elixir Studios, Demis Hassabis, worked with Peter Molyneux. So the Bullfrog 'feel' to the Evil Genius demo is from pedigree, not impersonation.

Keith sent me a link to an RSA profile of Hassabis and here's an excerpt:
Demis Hassabis is used to doing things at an early age. At four he taught himself to play chess; at 12 he was playing chess around the world having become the world’s highest rated chess player for his age; at 13 he took his GCSEs and at 15 his A levels; at 16 he got his first job as the lead programmer for what was then one of Europe’s top computer games companies, Bullfrog Productions, (during which time he co-created Theme Park – a game which went on to sell four million copies world-wide) and following on from gaining a first at Cambridge University in 1997 he set up his own computer games business, Elixir Studios, at 21.

Good grief, what a slacker. Get off your ass and do something, man.

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