Monday, August 08, 2005

The Dream Machine

The new issue of Maximum PC has their "Dream Machine" article for this year, which is an annual feature about the most powerful gaming machine that can be built. Here are some of this year's specs:
--dual processor, dual memory, dual videocard capable motherboard
--two Opteron 275 CPU's
--two nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX video cards in SLI
--two terrabytes of storage in a RAID 3 array

I get worn out just reading that. It's insane. What's even more insane, though are the Dream Machine specs--from 1996. Take a look:
--200MHz Pentium CPU
--32MB of RAM
--2GB SCSI hard drive

3D acceleration didn't even exist yet. They were probably using the STB Lightspeed 128, I'm guessing.

What an incredible rate of progress.

Maximum PC is a very good read each month--it's far more interesting (to me) now than any of the PC gaming magazines. The writing is strong, it's well edited, and it has personality. So if you haven't read it before you might give it a try--I think you'll like it.

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