Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Here are a couple of links for your afternoon reading:
First, as the NBA Draft is happening tonight, what better time to spoof the NBA's resident executive idiot? ESPN has a very funny article about Isiah Thomas titled "Zeke's Got the Touch of Doom," and you can find it here.

Second, there's an interesting article over at MSNBC. Here's the lead:
Two brothers involved in the biggest post-Katrina development on the Mississippi Gulf Coast were key figures in an Internet stock scam that federal authorities say bilked investors out of more than $12 million, has learned.

Additionally, one of the men was barred from the franchising business for life after federal lawyers sued him in a fraud case they said cost investors $6 million. The other brother filed for bankruptcy in 2002, and both have yet to satisfy a federal judgment against them of nearly $10 million.

And while the brothers said they had developed numerous real estate projects in Florida, California, Colorado and even Russia, neither they nor their associates would provide specific names and locations of any of the developments despite repeated requests by

Gee, I wonder how this will end up. Ugh.

It's a pretty fascinating article, and you can read it here.

Here's a very cool link from Sirirus that has photos of the "black sun" in Denmark. Here's an excerpt from the website:
During spring in Denmark, at approximately one half an hour before sunset, flocks of more than a million European starlings (sturnus vulgaris) gather from all corners to join in the incredible formations shown above. This phenomenon is called Black Sun (in Denmark), and can be witnessed in early spring throughout the marshlands of western Denmark, from March through to the middle of April.

The photos are remarkable, and you can see them here.

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