Monday, October 16, 2006


We went to see Graham Willkinson & the Underground Township on Saturday night.

I'm pretty much out of superlatives to describe these guys. They were mind-blowing--again. Their music has an unbelievable vitality that's hard to express in words. And instead of playing in front of ten people this time, they were playing in front of about forty. They're getting traction, and they're getting it fast.

Usually, when I go see live music, I'm tired when we leave. Hearing music live is a loud, almost punishing experience. It's exhausting. When I see these guys, though, I leave with far more energy than I had when I arrived. They're the only band I can see that about after thirty years of listening to live music.

Gloria had never seen them before when she could actually listen to the music (Eli 5.2 was with us last time). We were walking out and she said "Now I know what you're talking about--those guys are unbelievable. "

Yes, they are.

We stayed for over for two hours and it was great song after great song after great song--no filler, no covers, no lulls. No weaknesses.

Since we'll have a contest to give away a Nintendo Wii next week, they'll definitely be part of the contest questions. In the meantime, though, here's a link to their Myspace Music page, and if you haven't already heard them, take a few minutes if you can and check them out.
Graham Wilkinson & the Underground Township.

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