Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Lost In The Ether

I was stumped for a topic today.

I have plenty of topics, but most of them are involved (my favorite is "The Concept of the Other in Conservative Politics"). It's a barn burner, really.

However, right now I'm trying to rewrite the last four chapters of the book. They're gut-wrenching, hopefully, and writing them is a gut-wrenching process, so I'm pressed flat by the time I'm done each day.

In one of my Gmail folders, though, I found little notes I'd hidden for myself. Of course, I'd hidden them so long ago that I no longer have any idea what they mean, but it's almost better that way. I can only imagine what I would have written about the following:
The tiger wranglers
He counted out ninety-nine cents in change
The myth of the whole day free
It's very difficult to be a person who understands things
People who survive on only the scent of applies

I think they're little snippets of other things I read, and I can figure out two of them ("the myth of..." and "It's very difficult to be..."), but the rest are a mystery.

On the topic of "It's very difficult to be a person who understands things," how ironic is it that understanding science and how dangerous COVID-19 is somehow being interpreted as a political declaration?

We live in a strange, strange time.

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