Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Greatest Moment

I left Dell in 2000, but I still occasionally have a dream about working there.

Last night, my boss was a real idiot (unlike in real life, where I was very fortunate) . He moved my cubicle to this open area where I had to sit at the end of a long conference table. I went off for something, and when I came back, he was having a meeting at that table. He saw me and complained that there weren't enough chairs, and that I should go get some immediately.

Instead, I went off looking for any of my old bosses so that I could get another job. Then I went back and he saw me (meeting still going on) and complained again.

The greatest moment is that moment when I realized it was all a dream, I didn't work for an idiot, and I didn't have to go get those damn chairs.

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