Thursday, September 24, 2020

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, an incredibly powerful tribute (thanks, Ken): Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's former law clerks line up to honor her on Supreme Court steps

A wondrous tale: The Uncanny Tale of Shimmel Zohar. Also, this is entirely wonderful: Enjoy Malinda serenading her chihuahua with a Beatles song.

Here's a public service link from C. Lee, and it could be incredibly useful: hGoogle’s new COVID-aware Google Maps will help you avoid the plague

From Wally, and I had no idea: The Secret Ingredient to America’s Vietnamese Coffee. This is very clever: Loose Ends: A Literary Supercut of Sci-Fi Last Sentences.

From Meg McReynolds, and this is fascinating: The Big and the Small.

From Ken Piper, and this is good to know: Google Drive will start to delete trashed files after 30 days starting on October 13th. This is a remarkable discovery: The Good, the Bad and the ‘Radically Dishonest’. A terrific article: Poppy Northcutt, the Only Woman in Mission Control, Recalls Challenges of Bringing Apollo Astronauts Home

More links from C. Lee, First, and I'm surprised it took them so long, it's 'I've never seen or heard of attacks': scientists baffled by orcas harassing boats. Intriguing: ‘Dr. Phosphine’ and the Possibility of Life on Venus. This is excellent: Before & After Don't Starve - The History of Klei Entertainment | Noclip. I had a Cliff Bar in a pile of flames just last week: Dozens of Amazon's own products have been reported as dangerous -- melting, exploding or even bursting into flames. This is nightmarish: Patient dies after ransomware attack reroutes her to remote hospital. I don't understand why tech moguls can't give a deposition without going down in flames: Revisiting the spectacular failure that was the Bill Gates deposition.

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