Thursday, October 15, 2020

Friday Links!

Leading off this week with a delightful link to the greatest library song ever written. It slaps: Library Takeout.

This is incredibly sad: The Scariest Encounters Women Have on the Appalachian Trail Are With Men.

These images are fantastic: Bats, bugs, and beauty: The best microscopy images of 2020.

From Wally, and I have no words: Ron Patrick's Street-Legal Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle. The future is coming at us hard: New Technology Allows Circuits To Be Printed Directly On The Skin. A very smart and good boy: Watch a dog play the shell game. This is a rabbit hole, but a very interesting one: A Game that Threatens Student Intellectual Property

From C. Lee, and it's very useful: Study: Anti-virus face shields allow almost all minute droplets to leak. This is long and deeply thoughtful: Truths Too Terrible: On Arthur Schnitzler and Franz Kafka. This is so, so good: Nature's Toxic Gifts: The Deadly Story of Poison. 2020 is the stupidest timeline: Duck Stamp Artists Turn to Spent Shotgun Shells to Meet New Pro-Hunting Mandate. An interesting historical experiment: The Spanish Navy Is Sailing Two Casks of Sherry Around the Globe. This is such a bizarre story: How Stalin and the Soviet Union Created a Champagne for the Working Class. This is excellent: Remembering Quino, creator of Latin America's beloved 'Mafalda' comic strip.

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